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March 3, 2021:

Now available:

Death’s Knight – Book One in War of the Lich

The last priestess of the Goddess of Life, Ephema has waited for five years for her parents to return to their home high in the mountains above Aserian. When a Journeyman Knight of the God of Death literally falls on her doorstep, she saves him from his enemies, unaware how that one action will change her destiny.

When his convoy is attacked, Journeyman Knight Darian is entrusted with an ancient scroll and one mission: Return the scroll to his Brethren at the High Temple in Hawthan, no matter the cost. He never expected to stumble onto the last healer in the world. Now, he must take not only the scroll but the woman across the kingdom to safety, each step dogged by the servants of the Lich, the relentless undead.

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